"Thick Data: ethnographic approaches that uncover the meaning behind Big Data visualization and analysis."

Big Data Needs Thick Data | Ethnography Matters

"To really understand people, we must also understand the aspects of our experience — what anthropologists refer to as thick data. Thick data captures not just facts but the context of facts. Eighty-six percent of households in America drink more than six quarts of milk per week, for example, but why do they drink milk? And what is it like? A piece of fabric with stars and stripes in three colors is thin data. An American Flag blowing proudly in the wind is thick data."

Your Big Data Is Worthless if You Don’t Bring It Into the Real World | Opinion | WIRED


So random. So cool. Time capsule:

2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987 (by Chris Iller)


Good enough is the new perfect

  • Self-efficacy, like grit, can be learned, she said. Like a muscle, like willpower, it can be exercised and made strong. And she is devoting her life to teaching the four ways that famed psychologist Albert Bandura said people could learn it. She calls them “Jedi Mind Tricks”:
  • 1. Have “mastery experiences.” The more you do some things well, the more you’ll build confidence to do other things well.
  • 2. Find role models and seek out mentors and sponsors.
  • 3. Listen to and believe, rather than dismiss, the positive and encouraging words people have for you.
  • 4. Get a grip. Recognize that perceptions are what shape experience.
"What gets measured, gets distorted."

— "The Yin and Yang of Benchmarking and Statistics", Omagom


Investing in human impact: the best bet we’ve got. Put people on your balance sheet. Solid odds and sound logic by the @HIPinvestor #gsvc #humancapital


New Perspectives - What’s Wrong with TED Talks? Benjamin Bratton at TEDxSanDiego 2013 - Re:Think (by TEDx Talks)

"All Hat, No Cattle" Placebos administered via TED, TDS and anything else that makes you think, while dulling the impetus to act.


Mind blowing. Metal-powered J-Idols. #babymetal


Spritz Speed-Reading GIFs - Business Insider


Russell Brand. Well done, mate.


to quote Diderot: ‘We erect a statue in our own image inside ourselves – idealised, you know, but still recognisable – and then spend our lives engaged in the effort to make ourselves into its likeness.’

Andrew O’Hagan · Ghosting · LRB 21 February 2014


This is art. Deep comix.

"The best — maybe the only? — real, direct measure of “innovation” is change in human behaviour. In fact, it is useful to take this way of thinking as definitional: innovation is the sum of change across the whole system, not a thing which causes a change in how people behave. No small innovation ever caused a large shift in how people spend their time and no large one has ever failed to do so."

Butter lays it down.

"We just put ourselves in the Syrians’ shoes. We need Internet. We need barbershops. We need workshops. We need art. What we need as Turks, we give them.” He shrugged as though this were totally obvious. “We’re humans."

How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp - NYTimes.com

Human-centered humanitarian aide can be a mind boggling and wondrous thing.